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When Is A Bump On The Head A Brain Injury?

Young children fall rather regularly and sometimes end up hitting their head and a lump/bump forms under the skin. So how do you know if a brain injury was sustained? Dr. Atkinson of the famed Mayo Clinic offers some guidance. When to see a doctor Occasionally, a blow to the head may be severe enough to cause bleeding in or around…

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Strong Neck = Lessened Brain Injury

Preventing brain injuries is obviously a critical part of the equation in combating the great damage brain injuries cause across the Tampa area and world. However, such prevention is difficult outside of being prudent and careful. But a strong neck can be a postive factor, reports FOX Sports. Alex Marvez penned an interesting feature on how medical professionals concur that…

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Games To Repair The Brain

There are loads of therapies for traumatic brain injury patients, including numerous games and exercises. The results of many games have been inspiring. Here's a look at games to repair the brain from NBC. Visit msnbc.com for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

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Much To Learn From Rare Florida Brain Injury

While this is a horrific story about a teenager who ended up with a spear in his head and survived, the exciting thing is there is much to learn about this Florida brain injury that made national news this week. Check out the video below: Watch the latest video at video.foxnews.com

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Brain Injury Attorney Tampa

If you need a brain injury attorney in Tampa, where do you turn? Who do you trust? What does a brain injury attorney do? These are all great questions and deserve your attention. Clearwater-based Dolman Law Group is one of many firms that serves brain injury clients across Florida. The process of choosing a brain injury attorney is serious and…

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A Brain Injury Lesson For Florida Residents

Certainly this man's story in the video below is truly one in a million -- if that. Brain injuries are not to be celebrated, though there's no harm in enjoying this brain injury miracle. The important brain injury lesson for Florida residents is that his traumatic brain injury happened while diving into a pool area that was too shallow. There are…

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Heighten Awareness After A Brain Injury

While it's always important to seek medical care for a brain injury, it's also important to stay aware of behavioral changes, as these may not arise immediately. The good folks at the Head Injury Society of New Zealand have listed some key behaviors that could be affected, and friends and family of a brain injury sufferer should stay aware of…

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Blood Test to Predict Severity of Brain Trauma

The injury law attorneys and brain injury attorneys at Dolman Law Group have served up an excellent summary of this important medical breakthrough. Enjoy. A Canadian doctor has recently discovered an innovative approach to detect concussions by administering a simple blood test. The test can ultimately predict, within an hour after an impact to the head, how severe the head…

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Concussions Now Earn A Purple Heart

This story in the Atlanta Journal Constitution sure feels like a victory for those fighting to educate everyone in the nation about brain injuries. Last year, the Department of Defense changed the criteria on what qualifies a military member to be eligible to earn a Purple Heart medal. Concussions have now made the cut -- rightfully so -- and the first person from Georgia…

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Geometry Genius Credits Brain Injury

Meet the man whose traumatic brain injury transformed him into a geometry genius. Check out this amazing ABC news feature below. video platform video management video solutions video player