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Brain Injury Care In Tampa

If you're seeking referrals for brain injury rehabilitation or evaluation, Tampa General Hospital is a great place to start for kids or adults. Here's a contact number to get you started: (813) 844-4172. The following are among their offerings. Adult Brain Injury Inpatient Rehabilitation Program Inpatient Brain Injury - Pediatric Specialty Program Adult Brain Injury Outpatient Rehabilitation Program Outpatient Brain Injury…

Tampa Bay

Clearwater Injury Attorney Calls Attention To New Study

We're calling on our friends again, the Clearwater injury attorney bloggers Dolman Law Group. They highlighted the latest from an important new brain injury study from research teams at Virginia Commonwealth University. Click on through to check it out. By studying abnormalities in the brain of patients who had suffered TBI in the past, medical scientists have found life-long lasting effects…

Tampa Bay

Brain Injuries Under The Microscope

The steady pace of new information emerging on brain injuries is extremely encouraging. The latest study, summarized by Reuters, explains how deeper study is detecting brain injury undetected by popular imaging scans. MAKING 'THE INVISIBLE INJURY' VISIBLE For the new study, published Wednesday in the journal Science Translational Medicine, scientists compared three groups of brains. Four came from military veterans…

Tampa Bay

Walking You Through Brain Injuries

Click here for the wonderful brain injury guide offered by the Traumatic Brain Injury Resource and Support Center. It's a great educational resource, especially for caregivers and family members. The guide briefly describes the nature, consequences, and phases of recovery from a brain injury. It focuses on moderate to severe injuries in early weeks post injury or when patient remains in…

Tampa Bay

Fishing For Brain Function And Brain Injury Data

The zebrafish is not indigenous to Tampa Bay waters, but its brain could lead to advanced treatment of those with brain injuries and provide more valuable information for local doctors and Tampa brain injury attorneys. Science Daily highlights key points of the zebrafish study from a journal published in Nature. "Our own motor control is continuously recalibrating itself in a similar…

Tampa Bay

Brain Injury Study Unlocks Science Of Intelligence

Science Daily reported on a study of Vietnam veterans with brain injuries and the results seem to have unlocked some of the keys to intelligence, as they related to the structure of the brain. "We found that general intelligence depends on a remarkably circumscribed neural system," Barbey said. "Several brain regions, and the connections between them, were most important for…

Tampa Bay

Seau Case Makes Bucs Fans Wonder About Sears

Brain researchers have jumped on the Junior Seau suicide tragedy and moved quickly to request to study his brain, which endured 20+ years of football at the collegiate and professional levels. Reuters served up a story that delved into how Seau's brain will be studied post-mortem. 'BOXER'S DEMENTIA' Chronic traumatic encephalopathy is the formal name given to brain damage caused…

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Join A Tampa Brain Injury Support Group

Support groups can be very beneficial to brain injury patients and their families. This Tampa brain injury support group meets on the first Wednesday of the month from 6:30 to 8:30 pm. Tampa South Brain Injury Support McFarland Park Barksdale Bldg. 1801 North Lincoln Ave. Tampa, FL, 33602 Contact: Bob Barrett at 813-908-1375 or bobjbarrett@msn.com.

Tampa Bay

Brain Injury Can Lead To Savant Status

This post is in no way meant to make light of brain injuries, but it's too fascinating to ignore. A Times of India story documents a man with a brain injury from a brutal attack who has now become a math savant, seemingly out of the blue. To understand how Padgett's brain works, neuroscientist and philosophy professorBerit Brogaard and her team flew Padgett…

Tampa Bay

Testing For Baseline Brain Function

Fascinating stuff going on in Pinellas County to help determine the extent of brain injuries via testing before an injury occurs to document baseline brain function. Watch the video.