Tampa Bay

Concussions Now Earn A Purple Heart

This story in the Atlanta Journal Constitution sure feels like a victory for those fighting to educate everyone in the nation about brain injuries.

Last year, the Department of Defense changed the criteria on what qualifies a military member to be eligible to earn a Purple Heart medal. Concussions have now made the cut — rightfully so — and the first person from Georgia was honored as a result.

The move, which means that possibly thousands of Purple Heart medals will now go to troops like Seigle, recognizes the changing nature of war and increased science about concussions.

“A lot of veterans who are probably and possibly eligible for a Purple Heart don’t know the criteria has changed,” said Douglas J. Middleton, senior vice commander of the Georgia Military Order of the Purple Heart. “Hopefully, now others might say, that sounds like my story.”

We look forward to the first Tampa Bay man or woman being honored in the same way.

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