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Strong Neck = Lessened Brain Injury

Preventing brain injuries is obviously a critical part of the equation in combating the great damage brain injuries cause across the Tampa area and world.

However, such prevention is difficult outside of being prudent and careful. But a strong neck can be a postive factor, reports FOX Sports. Alex Marvez penned an interesting feature on how medical professionals concur that a strong neck can lessen the impact of a traumatic brain injury.

To that end, increasing neck size through training is proving one of the most important factors in helping to lessen the concussive forces that can cause head trauma for both male and female athletes.

Dr. Robert Cantu – one of the top researchers of NFL brain trauma – told FOXSports.com in 2010 that the reason “is just straight physics. If you see the blow coming and you have a very strong neck and contract the neck muscles, you have a much greater chance to have significantly reduced the forces the brain will see.”

Now nobody expects neck workouts to become popular outside of the world of football in order to prevent a neck injury. But it is worth thinking about how building a stronger neck can help brain injury patients who are concerned about the effects of a second — or third of fourth — traumatic brain injury.

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