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Catastrophic Brain Injuries Increasing Among Youth Athletes

The Wall Street Journal is the latest publication to take a deep look at brain injuries  in youth sports. It's reaching epidemic levels across Tampa Bay and the nation. Why are more kids getting hurt like this? “The style of play is really behind it,” Mueller tells the Health Blog. “They’re using their heads more,” perhaps modeling their play after the…

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Florida Brain Injury Attorney On New Treatment

Guest entry from Matt Dolman of Dolman Law Group. Nearly 2 million traumatic brain injuries occur annually, mostly from vehicle accidents, atheltics, and military combat service. With numbers this high, treatment is steadily evolvling, increasing and changing.  Not only do scientists craft new ways to discover brain injuries, but doctors are also finding new ways to treat symptoms related to a closed head injury. As a…

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Brain Injuries Get Spotlight From White House

The power of the White House can be used for tremendous good, non-political efforts, and one such initiative was rolled out this week. The Navy Times outlines a widespread effort to bring traumatic brain injuries to the forefront for nurses and future nurses across the country. On Wednesday, First Lady Michelle Obama and Dr. Jill Biden, wife of Vice President…

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Brain Injury Recovery Presents Social Challenges

As parents this time of year start exploring summer options for their kids and even new schools for the fall, it's important to remember that kids recovering from brain injuries have greater challenges. Growing up is a series of adjusting to changes, the Brain Injury Association of New Hampshire reminds us, which aren't so easy for those with injured brains.…

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Another Myth From St. Pete Motorcycle Accident Attorney Matt Dolman

Our brain injury education series, courtesy of Dolman Law Group, wraps up today with this myth from St. Pete motorcycle accident attorney Matt Dolman. This one really highlights the importance taking every brain injury seriously. Myth #5:  A mild traumatic brain injury is not permanent and will go away Several studies indicate that at least 10-15% of mild traumatic brain injury victims…

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Secure A Tampa Limo For Business, Safety

There are few things more important than a safe ride, so remember to consider our friends at Paradise Worldwide Transportation when you need a Tampa limo, Bradenton party bus, corporate transportation, or any service that requires a safe, reliable ride. Paradise offers service throughout the Tampa Bay area and worldwide.

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Teenage Brain Injuries Can Be Limited

States instituting tougher driving rules, training and licensing for teens have seen a drop in the numbers of traumatic brain injuries for that age group. A common-sense move, right? Well not many states are serious about it. Dolman Law Group looks at teenage brain injuries and driving laws in a recent blog entry. Check it out.

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Does Your Florida Brain Injury Lawyer Know His Lobes?

Learning about the brain can greatly help you understand a brain injury and the severity of any traumatic blow to the head. We've clipped a look at the occipital lobes, courtesy of NeuroSkills.com. Any future Florida brain injury laywers out there or aspiring physicians that have this memorized? Occipital Lobes: Most posterior, at the back of the head. Functions Vision Observed…

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Exciting Times For Pinellas Brain Injury Patients

Check out the exciting video below from the Associated Press. It details the latest brain imaging testing out of the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center and includes how it applied to one man's traumatic brain injury resulting from a crash. As explained in the video, better testing means more realistic treatments and outlooks for brain injury patients. Pinellas brain injury patients and…

Tampa Bay

Tampa Brain Injury Awareness Day?

No joke. Yesterday was Brain Injury Awareness Day in Washington D.C, where Capitol Hill politicians and staff were invited to seminars led by the Brain Injury Association of America. Here at the Tampa Bay Brain Injury Blog we wish someone locally would launch a Tampa brain injury, or Clearwater brain injury day. It is that important.