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Clearwater Injury Attorney Calls Attention To New Study

We’re calling on our friends again, the Clearwater injury attorney bloggers Dolman Law Group.

They highlighted the latest from an important new brain injury study from research teams at Virginia Commonwealth University. Click on through to check it out.

By studying abnormalities in the brain of patients who had suffered TBI in the past, medical scientists have found life-long lasting effects of mild TBI.  It’s been long known that brain trauma can have a lasting effect on those unfortunate enough to suffer it. Cognitive processes can be permanently damaged; and symptoms such as debilitating headaches, Confusion, PTSD, and severe emotional issues can persist indefinitely.  The VCU study published this month in the Journal of Neuroscience is the first look into the physiology of these lasting effects.

The research continues to stream in on the effects of the slightest injury to the brain. It’s downright scary how the slightest brain injury on a ball field in Tampa, or from a driveway fall in Largo, or a minor fender bender in Clearwater can change lives permanently.

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