Tampa Bay

Fishing For Brain Function And Brain Injury Data

The zebrafish is not indigenous to Tampa Bay waters, but its brain could lead to advanced treatment of those with brain injuries and provide more valuable information for local doctors and Tampa brain injury attorneys.

Science Daily highlights key points of the zebrafish study from a journal published in Nature.

“Our own motor control is continuously recalibrating itself in a similar way to the fish’s to cope with ever changing conditions of our body and environment, such as when we injure a leg, or if we’re walking on a slippery floor or carrying a heavy bag. The zebrafish’s behaviour is an ultra-simplified version of this and we have been able to gain some insight into how its brain structures drive behaviour. This might someday help us understand how damage to certain brain regions in humans affects the way in which the brain integrates sensory information to control body movements.”

Definitely click on through to read the whole thing. It’s pretty amazing stuff.

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