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Brain Injury Recovery Presents Social Challenges

As parents this time of year start exploring summer options for their kids and even new schools for the fall, it’s important to remember that kids recovering from brain injuries have greater challenges.

Growing up is a series of adjusting to changes, the Brain Injury Association of New Hampshire reminds us, which aren’t so easy for those with injured brains.

There are some predictable changes or transitions that are commonly difficult for children with brain injuries. They include changing teachers, grades, and schools. Changes are also related to growing up. Entering school is a big step for a young child. Middle school is a major change from elementary school. Adolescence is known for dramatic changes that are physical as well as emotional, social, and academic. The increased pressures, responsibilities, and changes in the life of an adolescent are typically more challenging for the child with a brain injury. Likewise, moving from adolescence to adulthood is an exciting but stressful time. The changes associated with graduating from high school, moving away from home, finding a job, going to college, and becoming more independent can all pose special challenges to the young adult with a brain injury.

Definitely alert your child’s guidance counselor of any challenges your child might have as a result of a brain injury. Tampa Bay area schools should have systems in place to alert teachers and provide assistance.

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