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Another Myth From St. Pete Motorcycle Accident Attorney Matt Dolman

Our brain injury education series, courtesy of Dolman Law Group, wraps up today with this myth from St. Pete motorcycle accident attorney Matt Dolman. This one really highlights the importance taking every brain injury seriously.

Myth #5:  A mild traumatic brain injury is not permanent and will go away

Several studies indicate that at least 10-15% of mild traumatic brain injury victims clinically present with a persistent condition over a year following the initial onset of the injury.  Many MTBI victims develop permanent and persistent post-concussive syndrome. Recovery from MTBI may remain incomplete for such victims who must now learn to deal with their often debilitating and disabling injury.

The loss of income and earning potential for the victim of a persistent head injury can be devastating. In fact, the overall effect on the quality of life for the victim is dramatic.

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