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Understanding the Primary Types of Traumatic Brain Injuries

The brain is the body’s most complex organ, and when it is injured, the effects can be significant. No two brain injuries are alike, and the type of injury, the force associated with the injury, and the individual’s health history and resiliency can play a major role in the extent of injury and recovery. The following considers the primary types of traumatic brain injuries (TBIs), and what you can do if you or a loved one has suffered a TBI as a result of the negligence of another.


A concussion is the type of TBI that the majority of people are most familiar with. While a concussion is most commonly associated with the head being hit with traumatic force, this type of brain injury may also occur as a result of severe whiplash, serious shaking, or a gunshot to the head. Concussions vary significantly in severity, with some causing very few symptoms and healing in a few months’ time, with others resulting in loss of consciousness or even death and taking years to heal.


A contusion is a TBI in which there is a bruise on the brain, also known as bleeding of the brain. Like a concussion, a contusion occurs because of a direct force to the head, such as being hit against the sidewalk during a fall, smashed against a window or door during a car accident, or hit with a hard object during an assault. In some cases, contusions can only be corrected with surgical intervention.

Penetrating Injury

A penetrating TBI is exactly what it sounds like: the brain is penetrated by an object. The object of penetration may be a bullet, knife, nail (workplace accident), metal, or any other object that is sharp enough and sturdy enough to penetrate the skull, forcing the object (or hair, skin, or bone fragments) into the soft tissues of the brain. While some people will survive penetrating TBI injuries, these injuries are often fatal. When they are not fatal, they could leave the victim with permanent disabilities.

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The brain is a key organ, responsible for thinking and cognition, movement, language, and more. When it is impacted, the results could be anything from slight changes in emotion to the inability to speak to the complete loss of function.

If you or your loved one suffers a TBI in a preventable accident type that would not have occurred, but for the negligence of another party, our experienced traumatic brain injury lawyers are here for you. We can help you to understand what comes next, and how to get a settlement that compensates you for your losses. Pick up the phone and call our offices today, or use our online form to tell us more about your case.

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