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Brain Injuries Can Occur in a Variety of Ways

Of all the human organs which can be injured, the brain is the most susceptible to trauma and can cause the most severe symptoms after an accident. There are many ways in which the brain can be injured. Regardless of the mechanism of injury, a victim of brain trauma has a legal right to be compensated for his or her injuries and losses. With a brain injury, these losses can be substantial.

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There are many ways in which a brain injury can occur. Here are some of the most common:

Auto accidents

Auto accidents create a significant amount of physical force, which must be absorbed somewhere. Brain injuries can occur when the head hits the windshield, dashboard, or another surface within the vehicle. They can also occur after this initial impact when the brain hits the side of the skull. The combination of both these impacts can cause severe and lasting damage to the brain.

Auto accidents do not just affect drivers. Passengers, motorcyclists, bicyclists, pedestrians, and even bystanders can be injured by the force of a collision. The brain is particularly vulnerable to all such force. Motorcyclists are legally required to wear helmets in many states for this very reason. Interestingly, both Texas and Arkansas experienced increases in motorcycle fatalities when helmet laws were repealed. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration estimates that, for every one hundred motorcyclists killed while not wearing a helmet, thirty-seven of them could have been saved by wearing a helmet.

(2) Slips, trips, and falls

Slip and fall accidents can occur in a variety of ways at a variety of locations. Workplace accidents are common, and workers are entitled to workers compensation coverage when they occur. Slippery surfaces are another notorious cause of many slips, trips, and falls. Patrons should use extra caution at pools, splash pads, water parks, and other destinations with water features. Poorly lit or uneven surface pose a tripping hazard, particularly in stairwells.

Perhaps the most notorious location of trip and fall accidents is the ubiquitous grocery store. Spilled liquids, broken refrigeration or freezer units, and squishy produce all cause grocery stores to be one of the most frequent sites of slip and fall accident. Moreover, customers are not the only ones who can be injured by slips, trips and falls at a grocery store: employees can be injured by such accidents, too. According to the United States Department of Labor, slips, trips, and falls account for fifteen percent of all accidental deaths in the workplace. This is the second highest cause of workplace death (behind motor vehicle accidents). Slip and fall accidents can result in severe injuries and permanent losses – particularly when the employee is using heavy machinery or performing physically demanding tasks.

(3) Medical malpractice

Brain injuries are not only caused by trauma. They can also be caused by medical factors, such as a blood clot in the brain (a stroke) or a lack of oxygen to the brain tissue (“hypoxia”). While these conditions are often unexpected and unpredictable, there are times when they are caused by negligent medical treatment. This is known as medical malpractice.

There are many ways in which negligent medical care can cause a brain injury. If for example, a doctor knows the patient is allergic to a medication and administers it anyway, this can cause an anaphylactic allergic reaction, resulting in a lack of oxygen to the brain. Or perhaps a patient presents with symptoms of stroke with the doctor should recognize and treat. If the doctor fails to identify the stroke and exacerbates the brain injury further, this too is medical malpractice.

(4) Football

Football injuries are quickly becoming the prime culprit in neurological trauma research. They have also become the subject of intense media scrutiny. This is spurred in part by celebrity activism on the issue, such as supermodel Gisele Bundchen’s statements about her husband, quarterback Tom Brady of the New England Patriots. Bundchen claimed that Brady had suffered from multiple concussions – most recently during the 2016 season. The National Football League and Brady’s agent, Don Yee, were quick to make public statements that Brady had never been diagnosed with a concussion.

The very dissonance between family members and organized football establishments demonstrates how hushed the issue has been. Brain injuries are not a new problem for football players. Indeed, a study by Boston University found that, of 111 former professional football players examined by autopsy, 110 met the criteria for chronic traumatic encephalopathy (a progressive brain disease caused by the constant trauma to which the brain is subjected in football). Yet, in spite of the growing body of evidence showing a correlation between football injuries and permanent brain damage, they are only now receiving media coverage.

Even more concerning: the Boston University researchers also conducted post-mortem brain examinations of high school football players. Nearly one-quarter of these younger football players autopsied also showed signs of the disease. This indicates that brain trauma is sustained very early in a football career.

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