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Brain Injury Progression Study Reveals Grim Results

Feeling better after a concussion is certainly deceiving. And new information from a study published in a journal Brain is downright sobering.

The excerpt and story from Time.com dives into the science behind the brain injury progression, which leads to the loss of brain function that brain injury sufferers and their families endure.

Once the damage is done, however, it’s difficult to stop. Even after the physical blows no longer occur, a destructive chain of events is already in motion. From these seed points in the frontal lobes, damage to nerves and brain tissue radiates to other parts of the brain, until it eventually engulfs most of the organ, impairing many cognitive functions. “Even if a person doesn’t get additional trauma, the disease progresses, like a lit fire,” says McKee. “The fire takes hold and continues to affect the brain with more lesions the longer the person lives.”

It’s good to see research in this area of how traumatic brain injuries progress. It all ties into developing treatment for brain injury patients in Tampa, Clearwater and across the globe.

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