Tampa Bay

Is Tampa Bay Filled With A Brain Injury Healer?

All that grouper, mahi-mahi, wahoo, snapper and other fish in Tampa Bay and Tampa waters may hold a simple, inexpensive healer for the brain injury patients across Clearwater, Largo, the entire Bay area, Florida and beyond.

CNN has documented a truly amazing story of how massive doses of fish oil,  about 10 times a typical daily supplement, aided in the recovery on a traumatic brain injury patient who had suffered a horrific blow.

Most of the studies about omega-3 for traumatic brain injury are in animals, but they indicate potential for healing the human brain.

After a trauma, the brain tends to swell, and the connections between some nerve cells can become damaged, while other cells simply die.

National Institutes of Health research suggests that omega-3 fatty acids may inhibit cell death and could be instrumental forreconnecting damaged neurons.

It’s important to remember that a huge percentage of the brain is made up of these omega-3 oils. Essentially, the brain is swimming in it. But fish oil supplements are typically recommended for many other reasons, but not to help heal a brain after an injury in a Clearwater automobile accident, for example.

By no means should fish oil supplements replace seeking medical care for a brain injury and potentially talking to a brain injury lawyer, but this story represents another exciting development in helping the millions of brain-injured.


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