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Attention Clearwater Drivers, Headaches Are Serious

Our friends at the Dolman Law Group auto accident, brain injury and legal blog remind everyone to take concussions seriously and not be swayed by insurance companies that might tell accident victims headaches and other symptoms are unrelated to crashes or are not serious.

It’s always a shame when Clearwater drivers, or drivers anywhere across Tampa and St. Petersburg for that matter, don’t protect take their health seriously and/or sign away rights to be compensated for their injuries and future care.

Below is just one example on their blog of why it’s important to at least talk to a Clearwater auto accident lawyer if you’ve had an accident.

Insurance Company Dirty Tricks

Insurance companies may try to convince accident victims that their crash-related headaches are temporary or that their symptoms aren’t related to the collisions. Falling for this popular tactic and agreeing to lowball settlement offers can rob victims of their rights to deserved compensation for the long-lasting effects these brain injuries can have on the body and abilities to process information. Concussions don’t present like broken bones or lacerations, but that doesn’t mean victims suffering from them are any less injured or coping with significant symptoms.

Seek immediate medical attention, and follow-up care, for any head injury. Those are always the most important first steps following a motorcycle crash or auto accident.

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