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Florida Steps Up For Brain Injury Patients

The Florida brain injury attorneys at Dolman Law Group have weighed in on the recent investigation by the State into abuses at the  Florida Institute for Neurologic Rehabilitation.

This high-profile case was heartbreaking. But Florida responded in way that should uplift the traumatic brain injury community.

Immediately following the death, state regulators opened an investigation into alleged abuse at the facility and another specifically related to the death itself.  On August 2, 2012, the three state agencies coordinated a surprise inspection of the FINR facility in Wauchula.  Investigators from the Agency for Health Care Administration, the Department of Children and Families, and the Department of Health worked together to gather information from the 196-bed facility.  They intend to formulate a cooperative plan to address any issues uncovered by the investigation.

In a time when taking advantage of the weak seems almost commonplace, it’s fantastic to know that our state prioritizes protecting against the abuse of those who can’t protect themselves.

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