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Another Example Of Why A Brain Injury Lawyer Is Important

The tragic story of an Arizona teenager running out of medical coverage after an auto accident claim is a great reminder that securing a Tampa injury attorney, and especially a Florida brain injury laywer, is a wise move.

Here’s an excerpt from the Arizona Daily Star:

The accident was in 2010. Jessyka suffered an extremely severe brain injury.

Jessyka just recently progressed from needing a feeding tube to eating on her own. She follows movement with her eyes, waves her left hand, takes steps while wearing leg braces and is able to communicate to her physical trainer when she’s in pain by making sounds.

When asked to say hello, she makes a soft verbal response. Recently, she began reaching out and touching her iPad on command.

Jessyka’s mother said medical bills have been piling up since the accident. She’s begun to dread the mail.

Though the family has private health insurance, the policy limits Jessyka’s rehabilitation to 60 sessions per year — far fewer than her family believes the 19-year-old needs to improve.

Unfortunately, all the exciting medical advances we read about to treat brain injuries, from Clearwater to Bradenton and beyond, can be meaningless without the means to pay for them.

Make sure you know your rights if tragedy strikes.

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