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Tampa Bay

Brain Injury Lawyer Fights For Former Athlete

The potential dangers of football to the brain have been well documented, but a government settlement to a former high school football player might change how brain injuries and the sport are viewed across the country. A 22-year-old in California recently was awarded a $4 million settlement from a public school district near San Diego, per Reuters. The agreement comes as the…

Tampa Bay

Tampa Bay Brain Injuries Myths Explained

In a new series from the Clearwater automobile accident attorneys at Dolman Law Group, we'll examine common miconceptions about brain damage and traumatic brain injuries (TBI). Myth No. 1:  A victim must lose consciousness to suffer a TBI. In my Pinellas County plaintiff personal injury practice, I often combat this commonly utilized defense by the insurance carriers. This is absolutely bunk science that…

Tampa Bay

A New Scan Looks Deep Into Brain Injuries

Some exciting stuff out of USA Today this past weekend. A new MRI can look at the health of fibers deep in the brain. "You can have a patient with severe swelling who goes on to have a normal recovery, and patients with severe swelling who go on to die," says Dr. David Okonkwo, a University of Pittsburgh Medical Center neurosurgeon…

Tampa Bay

Brain Injured Around Tampa Bay Might Qualify For Free Rides

There are some great programs out there to help those in need. One is run by the Florida Commission for the Transportation Disadvantaged. And many with brain injuries across the Tampa Bay area might qualify for free rides. Click through this link to the state's Website and find your local office.

Tampa Bay

Beverly Hills Residents Are Not Immune to Brain Injuries

Yes. It is true. Brain injury cases don't just arise in Florida! Yes. It is true. Brain injury cases don't just arise in Florida. Ehline Law Firm PC in LA, says that Beverly Hills residents are not immune to brain injuries. The different types of brain injuries can occur in accidents, at workplaces and even from defective products. The bicyclist…

Tampa Bay

When Accidents Cause Head Injuries in the City of Industry Protect Your Rights

When accidents cause head injuries in the City of Industry, protect your rights with the representation of an experienced brain injury attorney. Their experience and litigation skills can ensure obtaining the settlement you deserve. This is compensation that will pay for the medical bills and future medical costs, along with loss of work and other damages that were incurred due…

Tampa Bay

A Cure For Brain Injuries?

Cutting-edge research hit the news today regarding the treatment of brain injuries. It seems the drug amantadine, used to treat Parkinson's Disease, offers dramatic desults in traumatic brain injury patients, reports ABC News. Patients treated with amantadine were also more likely to rapidly regain "cognitively mediated behaviors that serve as the foundation for functional independence," such as the ability to…