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New Film Shines Spotlight On Brain Injuries

Hollywood has woven a love story around a young couple dealing with the aftermath of a traumatic brain injury following a car accident, specifically memory loss.  “The Vow” is in local theaters now.

No, we won’t tell how it ends, but Clearwater auto accident attorney Matt Dolman, of Dolman Law Group, touches on the story and memory loss a bit in a recent blog on his site.

In fact, memory loss is quite common following a traumatic brain injury. It typically takes one of two forms.

Anterograde memory loss is the more common of the two. This type of memory loss is characterized by an inability to form new memories for a period of time after the injury.

Retrograde memory loss is less common. When this occurs, a patient becomes unable to access memories for things that have occurred prior to the head trauma. Usually this period of “lost time” is brief. But in unusual cases people can lose a year or more of memories, which accounts for the Carpenters’ story.

Enjoy the trailer below:

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