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Be Aware Of Second-Impact Brain Injuries

It’s scary enough when a child gets one “mild” traumatic brain injury, usually called a concussion. But a second one — even months later — can be devastating.

Gilette’s Children’s Specialty Healthcare in Minnesota shares some scary information on “second impact syndrome.”

Brain injuries — no matter how “mild” — can add up over time. When a second TBI occurs before the brain heals from the first, children can develop a life-threatening complication called second impact syndrome. The second impact can occur days, weeks or months after the initial TBI. It is more likely to cause brain swelling and other widespread damage, and it can be fatal.

If you witness a brain injury in Tampa or a concussion in Clearwater, always speak up and recommend that the injured get medical attention. And depending on what happened, contacting a Florida brain injury attorney can be a wise move to ensure proper healthcare is secured.

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