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Treatment Costs of a TBI

When you are diagnosed with a traumatic brain injury, medical professionals will base your treatment plan on many different factors. They should evaluate where the brain damage occurred, how severely damaged your brain tissue is, your individual symptoms, whether you have lost any amount of consciousness, and whether you have any threats of serious complications. Treatment plans can range from simple rest to major surgery and months of hospitalization. However, no matter what amount of treatment you receive, you will certainly face financial losses including medical bills and lost income.

The value of a legal claim arising from a traumatic brain injury will largely depend on the amount and type of treatment you require. The following are some examples of treatments that may be used to care for victims of traumatic brain injuries.

Emergency Treatment

Brain injuries can create a lot of problems in the body’s functioning, so emergency treatment is largely focused on assessing the extent of the injury and stabilizing any life-threatening conditions. Some aspects of emergency treatment can include:

  • Making sure blood pressure stays at a safe level
  • Ensuring you have enough oxygen
  • Ensuring you have enough blood supply
  • Making sure you do not have any additional neck or head injuries
  • Addressing any damage already caused due to low oxygen or blood supply

Doctors will also perform tests such as the Glasgow Coma Scale,1 CT scan, MRI, and measuring of intracranial pressure (ICP).


In some patients with severe brain injuries, surgery may be required for stabilization. Brain injuries can cause bleeding under the skull or serious inflammation of the brain, which can push the brain against the skull and dangerously increase intracranial pressure.2 When ICP increases, it can cause serious damage to the brain or spinal tissue and can significantly limit the blood flow to your brain. If ICP cannot be controlled by other measures, medical professionals may cut a piece out of your skull to allow the brain to swell while relieving pressure or through which to drain excess fluid.

In addition to relieving pressure, brain surgery can also allow doctors to remove hematomas, which are made of clotted blood and also increase pressure. If you fractured your skull along with your brain injury, surgeons can repair the damage to your skull so that no fragments will cause further damage to your brain tissue.


Several different types of medications can be used to prevent additional damage to the brain during the initial stage of treatment. These can include anti-seizure medications as TBI can increase the risk of dangerous seizures and diuretics to reduce fluid buildup and pressure on the brain. In some situations, doctors may want to decrease brain function as much as possible to decrease the oxygen intake of brain cells. In such cases, they may administer drugs to medically induce a coma until the patient is stable and has sufficient oxygen flow.

Rehabilitative Treatment

After a TBI patient is stabilized and has potential complications controlled, they can still face a long road to recovery. Brain injuries can cause many symptoms that limit a victim’s ability to engage in even the most basic of tasks or activities. TBI patients often face significant struggles at work, while attending school, comprehending instructions, or engaging in communications with others. To help victims acclimate back to everyday life and relearn how to perform basic skills, many specialists can provide rehabilitative treatment, including the following:

  • Physical therapists
  • Occupational therapists
  • Neuropsychologists
  • Speech and language pathologists
  • Recreational therapists
  • Social workers
  • Nurse specialists
  • Physiatrists
  • Alternative Treatments

Some people who have suffered traumatic brain injuries can significantly benefit from alternative therapies outside traditional medicine prescriptions. Types of specialized yoga tailored specifically for TBI patients,3 as well as meditation techniques have proven very helpful for victims of brain injuries during the healing process. Also, joining support groups for people who are struggling with TBI effects can be very helpful to get through the process of recovery.

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The many types of treatment required for brain injury victims all can result in overwhelming expenses. People who suffered their TBIs in accidents caused by the negligence of others deserve to recover for all of their losses from the liable parties. The brain injury lawyers at Dolman Law Group can help you, so please call 727-451-6900 for a free consultation today.

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