How Do I Choose an Attorney for My Brain Injury Case?

3D render of male figure holding head in painWhen you suffer a traumatic brain injury (TBI)1 in a motor vehicle collision, fall, or another type of accident, chances are good that you will want to take care in selecting the medical professionals and specialists who will be providing treatment for you. While physical recovery is extremely important, so is financial recovery from the party or parties who were responsible for causing your accident. For this reason, you should also take great care in selecting an attorney to represent you in any subsequent personal injury claims regarding your TBI.

Too many injured individuals simply choose an attorney by performing a quick Google search or asking friends for suggestions. However, not every lawyer has the knowledge and resources needed to successfully pursue a traumatic brain injury case. For this reason, there are numerous factors you should consider when choosing your attorney, as this decision is almost as important as your choice of doctor and you want to make sure your future is in capable hands.

Provides individual attention

One of the most frustrating things during a legal matter is not being informed of the status of your case or any new developments. Unfortunately, many attorneys fail to provide individual attention to each client for a variety of reasons. If you select a firm that is too large and has hundreds of attorneys, chances are that you will be seen as just a case number and not as an individual client. Conversely, if you choose a firm that is too small, the attorney may be overwhelmed by their caseload and may not have the time to keep you apprised of progress in your case. It is always wise to look for a firm that is small enough to care about their clients but has a legal team that can adequately handle their caseload.

Understanding of the nature of TBI

Victims of traumatic brain injuries face many unique issues that victims of other types of injuries may not. In order to best represent your interests, your lawyer should have a thorough understanding of the nature of traumatic brain injuries and how they may affect you. An attorney who is familiar with the effects of TBI will be better equipped to identify the different legal and/or medical issues that you may face.

Having the adequate resources to pursue your claim

Brain injuries often result from complicated circumstances and it may require significant investigation to identify all of the possibly negligent parties that caused your accident, as well as collecting the evidence needed to prove their negligence. Accident reconstruction experts may be necessary to fully determine the cause of your accident. Additionally, you will also have to prove all of the damages that you seek based on the difficulties you face as a result of your injury. This may require neurologists, psychiatrists, vocational experts, economists, and more, so you want to make sure your attorney has the necessary resources to retain such assistance. 

Willingness and ability to take your case to trial if necessary

Though the large majority of personal injury cases2 are able to reach a settlement agreement before the trial date, some parties refuse to make a favorable offer that will cover all of your losses. In such cases, it may be necessary to take your case to a jury trial to help you obtain the full award you deserve. Too many attorneys will try to convince you to take an inadequate settlement because they do not want to go to trial. For this reason, you should always inquire about a lawyer’s trial experience and philosophy on going to trial, so you can make sure you have quality representation in the courtroom if needed.

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