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How to Choose a Quality TBI Attorney

Traumatic brain injury attorney floridaIf you suffer a traumatic brain injury (TBI)1 in a motor vehicle accident, you always want to carefully choose a medical professional who knows how to treat this type of injury and who can ensure your recovery is as smooth as possible and that you have everything you need to heal. However, if you then decide to file a legal claim against the responsible party, you may choose an attorney on the basis of a simple Google search. Google results are not necessarily ordered based on the quality or experience a particular attorney may have, but on many other factors designed by internet professionals. It is surprising that an individual may painstakingly choose a doctor but then rely on the most basic of information—which may often be unreliable—to hire an attorney.

However, the quality of the personal injury attorney you retain may directly affect the amount of compensation you are able to recover for your TBI from any responsible parties. For this reason, the following are some tips on choosing a skilled TBI attorney to help you in your case.

Make sure your attorney understands the nature of a TBI.

TBIs can be complex injuries with unique signs and symptoms that may affect a victim’s life in different ways than other victims. Having an attorney who understands the nature of a brain injury and how it affects your life is extremely important not only for your legal claim, but also for the success of client-attorney communications.

The lawyer should be familiar with motor vehicle accident cases.

The majority of traumatic brain injuries are suffered by victims of accident involving a motor vehicle. Car accidents, commercial truck accident, motorcycle accidents, pedestrian accidents, and bicycle accidents all have the potential to cause severe head trauma and TBI. Motor vehicle cases often have unique issues and can involve specific traffic and related laws. It is important that your attorney have a background in this type of case in order to get you the maximum amount you deserve.

Similarly, if your brain injury occurred because you suffered a slip, trip or fall2 or other type of accident due to a dangerous property condition, your attorney should be familiar with cases involving premises liability3 law. If you suffered your brain injury due to a dangerous product, seek out a lawyer with experience in products liability4 laws and related legal doctrines. Do not be afraid to question your attorney about types of cases they have handled in the past.

Your lawyer should have the up front resources to hire specialists if needed.

Brain injury cases can be complicated, especially when determining the value of your injury and your missed opportunities as a result. Some specialists that may be needed in a TBI case include:

  • Vocational counselor
  • Neuropsychologist or neurologist
  • Life can planners
  • Accident reconstruction specialists
  • Life coach or life-care planner
  • Economists

Make sure your attorney has personal injury trial experience.

Even though the large majority of civil cases reach a settlement agreement outside of the courtroom, sometimes the best option for you to receive what you deserve is to take the case all the way to trial. For this reason, you want to make sure you lawyer has experience with trials and is not going to pressure you into accepting a settlement simply because they are afraid to go to trial.

An experienced Clearwater TBI lawyer can help you

At the Dolman Law Group, we have a team of dedicated and skilled attorneys who understand the nature of a TBI case and how to help TBI victims fully recover for their losses. If you have suffered a TBI in a motor vehicle accident, fall, or other type of unexpected incident, please do not hesitate to contact our office as soon as you can. We will discuss your situation and evaluate whether you have a viable case and can estimate what your case may be worth. We provide our clients with individual attention and regular updates, and consultations are always free so that you can make up your mind based on quality information you have received. Call the Dolman Law Group at 727-451-6900 for assistance today.

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