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Man hit while using a crosswalk; traumatic brain injury followed by outstanding recovery

crosswalk accident
It was a normal Thursday evening for Dylan Williams, a successful college student approaching his second month as a junior at Tufts University, a premier university near Boston, Massachusetts. Just like any other college student, he went to bed too late and woke up too soon, ate a breakfast that wasn’t sufficient, and was assigned more work than he wanted. Not much was different about this day until life took a dramatic turn of events for him.

Dylan was walking home from the Boston Public Library at around 8:30PM when he approached a crosswalk that connects two normally busy main streets, probably planning the rest of the night in his tired mind. A driver was traveling casually down the road at legal speeds before approaching the intersection that Dylan was attempting to cross. The traffic light presented to the driver was flashing yellow, signaling him to yield and approach the intersection with caution. It is unknown whether this light was malfunctioning or intentionally set by the city due to lower traffic rates during the late hours.

This driver failed to spot Dylan, and at the same time, Dylan put his trust in the crosswalk signaling him that it was alright to walk. It was just a few steps into the intersection before Dylan was hit by the automobile. This sent his fragile head towards the windshield with a force strong enough to smash through it. The downtown Boston traffic, or lack thereof, at the time, allowed paramedics to travel quickly and safely to a prestigious hospital with an outstanding history of neuroscience; Massachusetts General. Dylan suffered a life threatening TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury) and was lucky for every extra second he was able to stay alive.

The injuries were very serious. Doctors were eager for a response to their attempts to communicate with Dylan, but his nearly lifeless eyes proved unresponsive. Pressure had to constantly be relieved from his skull with a tube to prevent any more damage, or even death. The medical procedures and tests started immediately and medical staff did not hesitate to try to save Dylan’s life. Luckily, after intensive care, rehabilitation, amazing support from his family and friends, and outstanding treatment from the medical team for many weeks, Dylan was able to make tremendous recovery.

Crosswalks are designed to be as safe, visible, and legally protected as possible. They are painted on thickly with a bright white color for high visibility during both day and night. Crosswalk signals, or Pelican crossings, are coordinated with traffic lights to ensure a smooth flow of traffic as well as a safe travel for pedestrians. The only unsolved problem with crosswalks is the constantly altered variable of human error or lack of care. I often witness cars stop at traffic lights cover half or more of the crosswalk, which could in turn hinder one’s ability to cross safely without going out of its bounds. It’s too often that when a driver approaches an intersection, he properly checks his surrounding for cars; but that is exactly the issue. They may check thoroughly for other vehicles but fail to check for pedestrians at a closer distance or standing at sidewalk corners with less visibility due to vision obstructions. Because of this, it’s easy for pedestrians to be at great risk of injury during rush hours.

Dylan is an exceptional case in this situation. He is such a bright young man with a great future ahead and big plans. This accident was serious enough to make drivers give a second scan for nearby pedestrians, but Dylan and his family were blessed. They taught the world a valuable lesson without having to pay the immeasurable price of a life. Not everyone, however, has been so lucky, and pedestrians are hit and killed by cars all the time. If you or anyone you know has been injured despite proper use of a crosswalk, you may have good grounds for a case. With our experienced personal injury attorneys at Dolman Law Group, we can assure you a fighting chance. Don’t hesitate to call us now at 727-451-6900 or notify us via our Online Contact Form for a free consultation and case evaluation.

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