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Florida Brain Injury Attorney On New Treatment

Guest entry from Matt Dolman of Dolman Law Group.

Nearly 2 million traumatic brain injuries occur annually, mostly from vehicle accidents, atheltics, and military combat service. With numbers this high, treatment is steadily evolvling, increasing and changing.  Not only do scientists craft new ways to discover brain injuries, but doctors are also finding new ways to treat symptoms related to a closed head injury.

As a Florida brain injury attorney, my blog keeps our readers informed of all developments related to this fluid and evolving area of medicine and law.

Dr. Stephen Xenakis, a osychiatrist and a retired Army brigadier has recently championed a new treatment using a hyperbaric oxygen chamber, commonly used by many holistic practitioners. Patients lie in the tank for an hour at a time, where they’re submerged with 100% oxygen under increased pressure.

Those who have undergone this treatment say it is similar submerging 15 to 20 feet underwater, or when your ears pop when reaching high altitude on an airplane. Doctors recommend 40 sessions for the brain injured, but usually after twenty sessions the patient feels gradual improvement and the symptoms fade.

Doctors believe oxygen has a direct healing effect on neurons and small blood vessels. That’s what causes the pain to decrease after a finite period of time. More research is ongoing into the effectiveness of such treatment.  Thus far, an overwhelming percentage of the patients who have utilized the oxygen tank are feeling better than before.

As a brain injury attorney, I am often retained by both injury victims and fellow attorneys based on our knowledge of this rapidly changing area of the law and medicine.

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